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Normally, a normal person needs 2500 calories and 56 grams of protein every day and women need 2000 calories and 46 grams of protein foods, but what should all of us eat? And also energy. Today, we will tell you about 10 such foods which are rich in protein, fat & energy.

Some Important Facts & Knowledge about protein foods

Today, we will tell you about Top Ten Protein Foods which are rich in protein but before that you will have to take care of some important things according to which you will decide how much protein is required for your body and your What is BMI i.e. Body Mass Index, we need protein to make our body more healthier and fit, because our body tissues are made of protein. So, this requires protein for the development of the body.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

You can find out how much protein your body needs by itself. Multiply your body weight by 0.8, whatever value comes in, the same amount of protein is required daily, you should check BMI. This shows you that your body is in high need of fat  or protein.

The BMI rate is as follows, those ranked from 18.5 point to 25 are placed in the general category, whose BMI is less than BMI 18.5 is considered as underweight.

Those whose BMI is 18.5 or less should start eating fat items from today and those whose BMI rate goes from 25 to 30 are considered to be overweight and they should not eat fat items or reduce their intake, and those whose BMI rate is above 30 have actually become obese, this is a matter of great concern for them. They should stop eating fatty foods with an immediate effect  and those who have a BMI between 18.5 to 25 fall in the normal category, they should eat a balanced diet and protein regularly.

Benefits of protein

According to a new research, it has been revealed that protein is the most essential element for the body. Proteins are essential for the development of skin, blood, muscle and bone cells.

Let us now talk about the top 10 Protein Foods which contain a lot of protein.

Top Ten Protein Foods

1.Normal milk or Soya milk

Normal milk or Soya milk – Top Ten Protein Foods

Not only calcium, but milk is also rich in protein. Milk can be an excellent source of high quality protein. Also, a glass of milk can be called the perfect breakfast , which keeps your stomach full for a long time.

Both of these have an equal amount of protein, 3.5 grams of protein is available per 100 grams of milk, that is, if you consume 1 liter of milk per day, then you get about 34 grams of protein, along with protein, calcium in milk and Fat is found which is very essential for underweight people.


Eggs – Top Ten Protein Foods

Normally 5-6 grams of protein is found in an egg, but the highest protein is found in the upper part of the egg, ie, about 75% and the fat is found in the inner part of the egg, more than 25 BMI , should eat the top portion and those less than 18.5 should eat both part of the egg so that they can get protein along with fat.


Fish – Top Ten Protein Foods

100 grams of fish gives you 22 grams of protein and 206 calories of energy, it is also found in plenty, there is also 15 grams of fat from 100 grams of fish, which for an underweight person Is very beneficial

4.Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt – Top Ten Protein Foods

Nowadays everyone goes to the gym and after workouts there is a great need for protein (protien). Greek yogurt is rich in protein, after eating it with honey and banana, you get a lot of protein. It contains amino acids which relieve pain in workouts. Greek yoghurt is also very beneficial for Maspeshians. Also contains almost twice as much protein as normal yogurt. A cup of Greek yogurt contains about 25 grams and a cup of ordinary yogurt contains about 13 grams of protein.


Chicken – Top Ten Protein Foods

The amount of protein in 100 grams of chicken is about 31g. We should use 100 grams of chicken or 200 to 250 grams of chicken daily. You can include this in your diet to fulfill the need of protein. It fulfills your protein needs, as well as the fulfillment of many nutrients, chicken is considered a very good diet to strengthen bones. It contains good phosphorus which together with calcium makes our bones strong.

6.Nuts– Almonds

Nuts- Almonds – Top Ten Protein Foods

Almonds are rich source of protein, almonds can be effective in weight loss along with being a healthy food. Almonds are rich in protein ke alawa fiber, and healthy fat, which prevents you from over eating, that means eating them does not make you feel small hungry. If you want to keep weight under control, then eat one fistful of almonds daily. Potassium is very high in almonds and sodium is also very low. This keeps the blood communication in our body smooth. Almonds are considered very useful for maintaining good memory.

In 100 gm Almonds

Protein  21g

Calories 576
Fat 49gm
Saturated fat 3.7gm
Sodium 1mg
Potassium  705mg
Carbs 22g
Fiber 12g
Sugar 3.9g


Oats – Top Ten Protein Foods

We often hear that eating oats in breakfast in the morning is beneficial for health. It also fills the stomach and gives us enough energy to work. It is believed that by eating oats cooked in milk instead of water, we also get protein.

In 100gm Oats

 Calories 389

Water 8%

Protein 6.9 gm

Carbs 66.3 gm

Fibre 10.6 gm

Fat 6.9 gm

8. Red Meat

High Protein Foods

It is a good source of high quality protein. Protein is essential for the growth, maintenance and repair of the body and can also provide energy. Red meats contain an average of 20–24 grams of protein per 100 grams (when raw). Cooked red meat contains 27–35 grams of protein per 100 grams (cooked weight).

Energy (kcal)                       213 gm

Protein (g)                            29.2 gm

Fat (g)                                  10.7 gm

Saturates (g)                         4.9 gm

Monosaturates (g)                4.0 gm

Polyunsaturates                   0.6 gm

Vitamin B12 (μg)                  3.0 gm

Iron (mg)                              2.1 gm

Zinc (mg)                             3.6 gm

9.Soya daal

Soya daal- Protein rich Foods

Soybean is nutritionally most rich among pulses. It contains about 40% protein, 20% fat and 4% minerals.

• Also has high iron content.

• Also rich in carotene, lysine and folic acid.

In 100 ग्राम soya dal

Protein 43.2 gm
Fat content 19.5 gm
Calories 432


Tofu-Top Ten Protein rich Foods

It is an excellent source of protein. We get 10 grams of protein from just half a cup of tofu. Not only this, 10 grams of protein has 88 calories of energy. This energy is just 45 calories less than a chicken without skin. That’s why tofu is considered so beneficial. In addition, tofu contains zinc, iron, selenium, potassium and many other vitamins and minerals.

The provided data may not be 100% accurate

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