The Secret Book That Change my Whole life

Hello, Fiend’s today I am going to share whit my personal experience how I can overcome my bad days or living happy life.

so these things happened just by reading books. I did not really like to read books but one of my best friends told me and requested to read this book it really helps you and I am like what rubbish you talking about how book reading helps me, they say to me trust me and just read this book. After that I purchase this and start reading this I finessed this book within 2 weeks. this book has around 198 pages, so now discuss The THE SECRET Book.

So Book Name is The Secret this book all about low of attraction written by Author Rhonda Byrne, in this book author shared her own journey of discovery. The aim of the secret book is To Bring joy to billions and sharing knowledge that is true, simple, and practical, and that will transform people’s lives. Before starting talking about booklets discuss the author first.

Rhonda Byrne was born on 26 august 1945 in the Melbourne city of Australia, she is a producer and writer her father was expired in 2004 after that they get very depressed, then her daughter Hailey suggest a book to Rhonda Byrne read The Science of Getting Rich written by Wallace D.Wattles in 1910. after reading that Rhonda Byrne gets very impressed by that book and discovered a way of positive thinking, the law of attraction, and a way of getting success in life.

after that, They started doing research on the secret and met with all teachers who know about the lows of attraction, after research they started making documentary movies and books. They published movie and book in 2006, within 1-2 year they sold more than 30 million books and translated in more than 50 languages.

what I Observe with the secret book

  • Everything that you think means you attracting that thing in your life.
  • we Are like a magnet if you think negative thoughts in your mind when you are attracting negative energy or frequency in your life similarly if you think positive thoughts in your mind when you are attracting positive energy or frequency in your life from the universe
  • Known your mind’s power and thing only positive thoughts regarding what you want to do.
  • That book gives knowledge, if you don’t think about any things than you would never get that thing in your life.

The Secret Book Information

The Secret Book The Secret Book Book
  • Author: Rhonda Byrne
  • Subject: Self-help
  • Publisher: Atria Books Beyond Words Publishing
  • Publication date:26 November 2006
  • Language :English
  • Pages:198
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