Alzheimer’s Disease.

What is the Difference between Alzheimer and Dementia ? The biggest difference between Alzheimer‘s and dementia is that dementia is a syndrome while Alzheimer’s is a disease. A syndrome is a group of symptoms of a particular disease that does not have a definite diagnosis in itself. Dementia is one such group of symptoms which … Read more Alzheimer’s Disease.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation which many people know, but very few people do it. But many people don’t know, what miracle can meditation do for them, if they do it continuously. You don’t even know that you can change your life completely by doing meditation, it has the immense power to change your life. Meditation can be a … Read more Benefits of Meditation

Miracle Habits – Inspire to Win

Hello friends, as you know success does not happen overnight, for that many years of hard work and penance is required, a disciplined life has to be followed, some daily routines have to be adopted, then we go closer to our goal and lead a successful life, lets read some Miracle Habits. ” Fitness & … Read more Miracle Habits – Inspire to Win