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Mary Kom is an Indian Olympic Boxer. She is the only female boxer who won the World Boxing Championship 6 times, first Indian woman to win the Gold Medal in both 2014 Asian Games and 2018 Commonwealth Games. She had received Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri and Arjun Award by Indian Government. One of the Greatest Boxers in the World.

Today, She has not only won many medals based on her talent and will power and but also created history by making many records. And made India proud in front of the world.

Let’s know about the great boxer Mary Kom. Who born in Manipur and has won the title of World Boxing Championship several times.

Small Briefing of Mary Kom

Full name – Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom

Birthday – March 1, 1983, Kangthai, Churachandpur District, Manipur

Father Name – Mangte Tonpa Kom

Mother Name – Mangte Akham Kom

Husband Name – Karung Onkholar Kom

Age – 37 Years

Mary Kom’s Coaches who guide her and trained her

Gopal Devang

Rongmi Josia

Charles Atkinson

M. Narjeet Singh

K. Kosana Meitei

Mary Kom’s birth, childhood and early life

World Boxer champion Mary Kom was born on 1 March 1983 in Kangthei, Manipur, India, to an economically weak and extremely poor family. She was born as Chungnejung Mary Kom.

Her father was a poor tenant farmer in Jhum fields who somehow managed to take care of his family. She was born as the eldest child of her parents.

Mary Kom’s father was a wrestler in his younger age. She had 4 other siblings. She used to work in the fields with her parents to take care of her family, and took great care of her siblings.

At the same time, She did not let her family conditions affect her education. She did her early education from Loktak Christian Model High School up to the 6th standard.

Mary Kom then studied up to the 8th standard from Saint Xavier Catholic School in Moirang. She moved to Adimjati High School, Imphal, for class IX and X, but there she was unable to pass the matriculation exam.

She got frustrated and left the school. Then she completed her schooling from NIOS in Imphal, after which she completed his graduation from Churachandpur College in the capital, Imphal.

Mary Kom’s personal life and marriage

In the year 2001, when She was going to play National Games in Punjab, she met Onler. At the time, Onler was studying law at Delhi University. These two first became very good friends. Then after about 4 years, their friendship turned into love and then in 2005. They got married to each other.

After marriage, both of them had three children. In the year 2007, Mary Kom gave birth to twins. After this, in 2013, they again had another son.

Kom’s Dedication for boxing

Mary had a keen interest in sports since childhood. She wanted to become an athlete right from the beginning. She has been participating in games like football, javelin and 400 mt running since her school time. On the other hand, the most interesting thing about Mary Kom is that she never participated in a boxing competition.

In 1998, when Manipur boxer Dingko Singh won the gold medal in the Asian Games. She was very impressed with him and she decided to make her career in boxing.

But as a woman, it was not so easy for her to make a career in it, but from the beginning of Mary Kom.

Her determination and honest desire to reach the goal has today added her to the list of the best boxers in the world.

Mary Kom’s father and his family were completely against her boxing career. Significantly, earlier people considered the sport of boxing as a sport of men. In such a situation, making a career in this field was no less than a big challenge for Mary Kom.

On the other hand, due to the poor financial condition of the family. It was difficult for her to get professional training in the field of boxing, but the steely-willed Mary Kom easily faced all these problems and the world’s great boxer appeared in the form.

Boxing Training of Mary Kom

Mary Kom determined to make her career in the field of boxing, she started taking training without telling her family members.

At the same time in 1999, She once saw the “Khuman Lampak Sports Complex” girls boxing with boys. Which inspired her and she decided to achieve her goal under any circumstances.

After this, She started training with her first boxing coach K. Kosana Meitei in Imphal, Manipur state to make her dream come true. At the age of 15 she decided to leave her home town to study at the Sports Academy in Imphal.

She was a dedicated hardworking girl with a strong will power, who learned the basics of boxing very quickly. It was very difficult for her to keep her boxing training secret from her family. But she did that efficiently. As we all no one can hide the shine of the sun, the same was happening for Mary Kom.

Her family saw Kom’s photo which was appeared in a newspaper when she won the state boxing championship in 2000. It was the beginning of the rise of Indian boxing superstar/ sensation, after three years her family started supporting her.

Beginning of Mary Kom’s Era

Mary Kom began her career in boxing in 2000, by winning the “Women’s Boxing Championship” in Manipur and the Regional Championship in West Bengal.

During this time she also received the award of Boxing and her family came to know that she is a boxer.

Mary Kom began her career at the international level in 2001 at the age of 18. She won the silver medal in the 48 kg weight category in the AIBA Women’s Boxing Champion Ship held in America.

In 2002, Mary Kom won the gold medal in the 45 kg weight category at the 2nd AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Turkey.

The same year in 2002, Mary Kom achieved success in the “Witch Cup” held in Hungary, Mary won the gold medal in the 45 kg weight category and made India proud.

In the Asian Women’s Boxing Championship held in India in the year 2003, Mary Kom won the gold medal in the 46 kg weight category and established India’s dominance in boxing.

Mary Kom won the gold medal at the World Boxing of Women’s Boxing held in Norway in 2004.

Mary Kom’s great performance continued in the year 2005 as well. She made India proud once again by winning the gold medal in the 46 kg weight category at the “Asian Women’s Boxing Championship” held in Taiwan.

With this, Mary Kom encouraged women by winning the gold medal at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Russia in 2005 itself.

In the year 2006, Mary Kom again showed her boxing talent by winning the gold medal in AIBA Women’s Boxing Championship held in India and the “Venus Women’s Box Cup” in Denmark.

Mary Kom’s comeback after Pregnancy

In 2007, Mary Kom stayed away from boxing for a year due to pregnancy.

But then in 2008, she made a brilliant comeback to win the silver medal in the “Asian Women Boxing Championship” held in India.

Along with this, she raised India’s head proudly by winning the gold medal in the 46 kg weight category at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship held in China this year.

Mary Kom, who never lost, also performed well in the year 2009 and won the gold medal in “Asian Indoor Games” held in Vietnam.

In the year 2010 too, Mary Kom did her best in boxing, winning the “Asian Women’s Boxing Championship” in Kazakhstan, and winning the gold medal.

With this, Mary Kom won the gold medal for the fifth consecutive time at the AIBA Women’s Boxing Championship this year. Also this year, She won the bronze medal in the 51 kg weight category at the Asian Games.

Performance in Delhi, Common Wealth Games 2010

Also in the year 2010, She had the distinction of holding the Queen’s baton at the stadium with Vijender Singh at the inauguration ceremony of the Commonwealth Games held in the capital Delhi.

However, she could not showcase her talent during this time as the women’s boxing competition was not organized in these games.

In 2011, She won the gold medal in the 48 kg weight category in the “Asian Women’s Cup” held in China.

Mary Kom, who won the World Championship, won the gold medal in the 51 kg weight category at the 2012 Asian Women’s Boxing Championship in Mongolia.

With this, she became the first Indian woman boxer to qualify in the Olympics held in London. And win the bronze medal in the 51 kg weight category. She also became the third Indian woman to win an individual medal at the Olympics.

The year 2014 also saw the victory of the great boxer. She made history by winning the gold medal in the Women’s Flyweight (48-52 kg) category at the Asian Games held in South Korea.

In the year 2018, She participated in the 10th AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships. Held in New Delhi and created history by holding the title of World Championship for the 6th time.

Mary Kom’s achievements in national competitions

She won Gold at the first National Women’s Boxing Competition, 2001

The East Open Boxing Competition, Bengal, 2001

She won Second Senior World Women’s Competition, New Delhi, 2001

32nd National Games, Hyderabad

Third Senior World Women’s Competition, Aizawl, 2003

4th Senior World Women’s Competition, Assam, 2004

Fifth Senior World Women’s Competition, Kerala, 2004

Sixth Senior World Women’s Competition, Jamshedpur, 2005

Tenth Senior World Women’s Competition, Jamshedpur, 2009: Lost in quarterfinals

National & International Recognitions to The Great boxer Mary Kom

In 2003, she awarded the Arjuna Award for her excellent boxing.

In 2006, she received the Padma Shri Award for her outstanding performance in the field of boxing.

Year 2007, she was nominated for the “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna” award, the highest sporting honor, for her significant contribution to the world of sports.

In 2007, the legendary boxer she was awarded People of the Year by the Limca Book of Records.

She was awarded the “Real Heroes Award” by CNN-IBN and Reliance Industries in 2008.

In 2008, she was awarded the “Magnificent Mary” Award by AIBA.

She was awarded the Pepsi MTV Youth Icon by Mary Kom In 2008

In 2009, the great boxer Mary Kom was conferred with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, the highest honor in sports.

She was awarded the Sportsman of the Year by Sahara Sports Award IN 2010

In 2013, She was awarded the Padma Bhushan, the country’s third-highest honor.

In the year 2018, awarded the Veerangana Samman by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Announced ‘Ambassador of Women’s Boxing’ by International Boxing Association in 2009.

These are the Achievements of The first Indian woman to win a medal in boxing at the Olympic Games.

A book based on the life of Mary Kom

Her autobiography on the inspirational life of Mary Kom published in the year 2013 as “Unbreakable“. The book was written by renowned boxer Mary Kom with Dino Sarto.

The Film based on Mary Kom’s life

Mary Kom Movie The film “Meri Kom” based on the great life of the world’s great boxer Mary Kom, released in 2014. The film directed by Omung Kumar. In this film, Bollywood and Hollywood famous actress Priyanka Chopra played the brilliant role of Mary Kom.The film was a big hit at the box office. The film on Mary Kom also widely appreciated by audience.

The great boxer Mary Kom as a Rajya Sabha member

India’s famous female boxer Mary Kom, who has won the World Boxer Championship multiple times and nominated as a Rajya Sabha member on 26 April 2016.

With this, in March 2017, the Government of India nominated her as the National Observer of Boxing by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Everyone needs to take inspiration from her. A female boxer who has made a distinct identity in the field of boxing and made India proud in front of the whole world.


This is the small tribute to the legend Mary Kom. She taught us that nothing is impossible. If you want to achieve anything, you can achieve it with your strong willpower, with your attitude to never give up.

The way she had faced many struggles in her life, made her desire to pursue a career in boxing come true and has falsified people’s belief that boxing is not just for men, but women. This is praiseworthy.

Her life is a lesson to those people who gave up their dreams, without facing the challenges, without facing the criticisms of others. Your goals should be your priority, at least you have to fight for what you want. Be fighter like Mary kom, not a coward.

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