Benefits of Meditation

Meditation which many people know, but very few people do it. But many people don’t know, what miracle can meditation do for them, if they do it continuously. You don’t even know that you can change your life completely by doing meditation, it has the immense power to change your life.

Meditation can be a tool for you to get the power of your subconscious mind.

It makes the connection stronger between your conscious mind and the subconscious mind. So that you can manifest reality any way you want to.


Meditation is a way to focusing on your breath while inhaling and exhaling, or to hear the sound of birds clearly. You do not need to experience anything else while in this posture.

The aim of meditation should not be to actually to accomplish any profit, but still with the help of it, a person can achieve his goal by focusing his attention on his goals. The main purpose of meditation is to maintain the qualities of compassion, love, patience, generosity, forgiveness, etc. in the human mind.

It is not a technique, but it is a way to live a life in a right way. The right way to meditate is to restrain your thinking power for a limited time. At the time of meditation, a person is free from all kinds of thoughts and his attention is focused only on another. You have to give up your all thoughts, let the thoughts to be flow away from you, let them come out.


Power OF Meditation – Scientifically Proved

Many studies have been done on meditations from the past years, which has shown that meditation has the power to affect every part of your life.

It not only changes your brain psychologically, but also physically, means it has the power to change the size of your brain.

Yes, it is definitely amazing to hear, these effects of meditation is approved by the scientists also.

In 2011an experiment was done at Harvard University & in that experiment, it was found out that only 8 weeks of meditation can change your brain size physically.

Meditations shrinks the bad parts inside your brain and increase the impact of good parts, which are related to your confidence and positive things, it increases the size of those parts.


Benefits of Meditation to Boosts Brain

The left hemisphere of your brain is for your learning skills Means if this part of your brain is healthy, then you can easily understand anything. On the other hand, the right hemisphere helps to performs tasks with creativity and the arts.

If you feel that you have a difficulty in understanding the things, then you should start meditation.

And within a few days of meditation you will realize that your understanding power has increased. Now it becomes easier for you to understand and learn anything easily.

Meditation power’s you to control your Thoughts

It also affects the PCC (posterior cingulate cortex) of your brain, this part of the brain gives you the power to control your thoughts, emotion formation and processing, learning, and memory.

It means if your mind running through any negative thoughts, which means nothing to you and you want to control it, but your mind is not allowing you to do the same, then you should start doing meditation.

If your power to control your thoughts increases, then you will be able to filter your thoughts. And you will keep only the positive thoughts inside your mind which will help you to accomplish your goals, which will motivate you to do only such things which are meaningful to you and humanity. This will increase your concentration and you will be able to do the work in a proficient manner.

Temporo parietal junction (TPJ) a part in the brain, it controls the emotions and feelings in you, it is responsive to the feeling of compassion.

Meditation makes your life easy

You must have noticed that in this part of today’s life, we have become like a zombie.

It Means that there is not as much compassion and love feeling in us. And that is why people have become selfish and only think about themselves. There are such people among you who may think that I am not so kind, there is a lack of feeling inside me.

In our childhood, we used to live an enthusiastic life. But now it is not like that, it is all happening because of the race, of our life, we have forgotten what we are, what is the main purpose of our life is.

If you want back that childhood life which was full of enthusiasm, energetic and full of joy, then you must do meditations as it strengthens your TPJ. Then you will realize that some changes are happening inside you. You will also feel the sensations which have started to grow inside you towards others. The feeling of pity or mercy which was dead or lost, will be alive inside you.

If you do not believe, then try it, it is a practical thing. Just as it increases the good parts of your brain, it also works on the bad parts of your brain, by reducing its effect. 

Meditation reduces Fear and Anxiety

There is an amygdala inside your brain. If you meditate, it start reducing the amygdala’s cell volume which is responsible for the inner fear, stress, and anxiety. It removes the bad emotion inside you. Only person who is fearless, stress less, who has clear vision, only that person has the ability to win or change his or her fortunes. That’s the power of Meditation for you.

Meditation helps to increase the Dopamine present in our mind. Dopamine is present in our brain it is a part of our mind which is also known as “feel good” chemical. It plays a vital role in how happy we feel, it also affects movement, memory, and focus.

If you meditate for a few weeks, you feel a strange super power inside you. Super power like increased confidence, fearlessness, attraction to opposite gender etc.

Along with these benefits of mind, meditation also ends some of the biggest problems in your life.

Meditation Helps in Loosing and Gaining Body weight

Like those of you who are perfect, it is okay, but maybe you and some are overweight or underweight.

If you are overweight, then you will be searching on the Internet, how to lose weight, So I’ll tell you the easiest way. It’s meditation, yes it increases your metabolism, and it helps you achieve perfect shape. On the contrary, even if you are underweight, still you do meditations. It reduces your metabolism, and because of this you can become normal weighted.


Meditation Reduces Stress

Mediation eliminates stress, tension and fear from your life.

Stress is not bad, if you have a little stress, then it keeps you active. But in today’s world people are living a much more stressful life. And it is true that stress is the cause of all diseases of the body.

If you meditate even just for 5 minutes a day, it reduces the stress by 70-80%. Many people use artificial things, like heavy medicines, sleeping pills to reduce their stress. Which has very adverse effect on their health. It has many side effects that will hurt you in future.

People should be aware about it, many people are not even aware of the benefits from meditations at all. If 5 minutes of meditation can reduce your stress, then what is the benefit of spending money on dangerous medicine?


Meditation Boost Will Power

Meditation also helps you to get rid of bad Habits. There is a part of the brain which we known as Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (DPC). This part is responsible for your will power.

It has been found in many studies that meditation increases your will power, along with all these benefits, it also improves your health.

The C-reactive protein present in your blood is responsible to the heart disease. Meditation reduces it and makes your heart healthier.

If you or anyone in your family has high blood pressure (Hypertension) disease, then you should recommend meditation to them.

Because only two or three months of meditations will improve their condition so much, that you can’t even imagine.

Meditation controls Aging

Slow aging – How many people use cosmetic products made of chemicals?

But you should know that if you want the glow on your face, then you remove the use of artificial methods.

Meditate daily for 10 minutes if this guarantee will definitely shine on your face

Meditation fill your mind with happiness and satisfaction. You must have noticed this that whenever you go through a stressful situation, you do not like it, you feel like irritated.

But nowadays the world where everyone is living in stress, people have forgotten happiness

That’s why people love watching comedy.

But do you know that if you do daily 5-10 minutes of meditation, then you will not need any kind of support to stay happy.

Human’s basic nature is to be happy, but our stressful life changes our nature, meditation just helps bring that basic nature back.

Buddha on Meditation –

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

Gautam Buddha

“Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine.”

Gautam Buddha

“If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key.”

Gautam Buddha

How to do Meditation???

If you do the meditation properly with full concentration, it will prove to be very beneficial for you. It gives you the physical and mental peace and fitness too. The important thing for this is that you have to do it properly or correctly.

so here are the ways to do Meditation. Hope this will helps you.

First of all, choose the appropriate place for meditation

According to your convenience you can select any stage for meditation. Meditation can be done in any posture like in sitting, lying and standing.

But all these stages have their advantages and disadvantages. You can do meditation in any stage according to your wish, but it will be good for you that you keep rotating your stages.

1. Standing meditation

Many people believe that meditation cannot be done by standing. But it is not true. The people who cannot sit properly or who cannot lie down for a long time, this posture will solve their problems.

In this state you have to stand up straight to meditate and you can join your hands with the help of your wrist. You can center your face and vision at any place as per your convenience.

As per your convenience You can also change the position of your arms. And it is important for you to relax your stomach and lower back.

2. Lying down

To meditate in this state, you have to lie on one side, and if you lie on the right side, your right hand is under your head and the left hand is in a straight position above your body. If you want, you can also put a pillow under your head, instead of your right hand. If you face any problem in this situation, then you can shift to any other situation according to yours convenient. Just concentrate on your vision, take deep breath.

3. Sitting meditation

There are many postures to meditate while sitting for meditation. Just as a person feels comfortable by simple sitting by folding yours legs, if you are comfortable than you can sit on Padmasana, you can also sit in Vajrasana. You can choose the position for you as per your comfort.

You can also choose the position of your hands and fingers as per your choice. When you sit and meditate, your chest should be taut and your neck should be straight and balanced.

 4. To concentrate

If you are in a state of meditation, then you have stop all the thoughts that come to your mind. Whatever is going on in your mind, like your confusion, your family’s troubles or your office’s hectic schedule etc., remove it from your mind and calm every part of your body.

Feel that you are beyond this world, and you are out of every problems of your life.

Maybe it will take some time to do this, but try to keep your thoughts under your control. If you are able to do this properly with good intention, then believe me you will get spiritual peace.

Keep practising

When you meditate or choose a stage for your meditation, it may not be right for you initially, maybe when you try to meditate, your thoughts start to wander. But do not worry if this happens and try to concentrate again. When you try to do this again and again, you will be able to concentrate easily.
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