Aerobics Vs Anaerobic

What Is Aerobics ?

Aerobics exercise is a physical activity that makes your sweat. An energetic exercise that combines rhythmic exercise with stretching and strength training to improving body fitness.  Common aerobics activities include jogging, swimming, Indoor cycling, rowing, brisk walking, swimming, rope skipping etc.

4 Type of Aerobics Exercise

Traditional Floor Aerobics

It consists of certain movements, which move back and forth on a particular melody. Floor exercise generally works on music; workout that makes you enjoy yourself on the beat of music.


Jog running is a high cardio exercise that causes body fat work and increases stamina. Daily jogging keeps the body healthy. And helps in weight loss and reduce the extra fat in body. Jogging is best for the hamstring, calf and gluteal muscles. It’s boost the health of your heart and mind, reduce the anxiety and stress level.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics can also be known as water aerobics or aquatic fitness and it doing aerobics activity in the water. Generally aqua aerobics done in shallow water. Water support the body and putting less pressure on joint and muscles. Aerobics in water helping to increase the body flexibility. Swimming and Aqua aerobics both are a form of light cardiovascular exercise which keep your heart healthy.

Skipping Rope

Rope jumping is one of the best aerobics exercises in which oxygen reaches all parts of the body by jumping rope. It keeps weight under control and strengthens bones. Rope jumping is also a good exercise to improve breathing. Serves the hazards of knee and foot injuries.

Exercise which will keep you healthy in lock-down at home.

Jumping Jack

This workout is easy and the whole body gets benefits in it. If you want to do full-body workout, then this is one of the better options for you. To do this, stand up straight, then raise the hands by jumping up and spread the legs, after coming down, come to the normal position.

Mountain Climbers

Make a push-ups position and distribute your body weight on hands and toes. Your shoulder should be about shoulder width. Pull your right knee into your chest as far as you can then switch, pulling that knee out and bringing the other knee in. Inhaling and exhaling with each leg change. Run your knees in and out as far as you can and as fast as you can.


There are four steps in burpees exercise first you need to stand straight position. Second you need to drop into a squat with your hands on the ground in the front of your feet. Third kick your feet back into a push-up position and drop your chest to the floor and last box your chest up as you return your feet back to the squat position as fast as possible and jump up into the air high. The burpees work on your arms, back, chest glutes and legs.

Squats Jumps

Squats Exercise

Stand with straight position with little wider legs, keep both hands in the front and take out the chest slightly, go down as if you are sitting on a chair with bending at the knees. Bend down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Inhale when you are going to be down and exhale while coming up.

Forearms Planks

Get into the push-ups position and place your forearms on the floor with elbow below your shoulder. Balance your full body weight on your forearms and toes with straight back without bending. Make sure your back is flat and head and neck are in a natural position. Clench your abs, squeeze your butt, tense your leg muscles.

Difference between Aerobics and Anaerobic –

Aerobics exercise produces energy using a continues supply of Oxygen to sustain the current level of activity. Oxygen is required for the body fuel. Aerobics exercise uses Oxygen to produce energy, it can use both fat and glucose for fuel.

Anaerobic exercise is a higher intensity and high power version of exercise which can increase your stamina in short period of time. Increases the density of your bones. It can also decrease your risk of osteoporosis.

In a simple way,

  • Slow paced exercises like jogging or endurance cycling are include in aerobics exercise
  • Fast paced exercises like Weightlifting Jumping rope and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts including in Anaerobic exercise

Exercise which include in Anaerobic

  • Weightlifting and Bodybuilding
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Jumping Rope
  • Biking
  • Sprinting (Running or Swimming)
Benefit of Aerobics and Anaerobic

Aerobics exercise known as Cardio. Aerobics activity lows your blood pressure and blood lipids and normal your blood glucose. It will help you live longer and lower risk of diabetes. Aerobics exercise increase your strength level and keep your muscles healthy. Fighting off risk of heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure and it can also help keep your brain sharp better for your bones and reduce the stress level. Daily Aerobics strong your heart and lungs and helps oxygen to all over your body.

Benefits of Aerobics and Anaerobic Exercise
  • Increase bone strength and density
  • Promote Weight Maintenance
  • Increase Power
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Protect Joints
  • Fight Depression and Anxiety
  • Helps boost metabolism as it builds and maintain lean muscles.

Healthy Heart

High blood pressure can cause severe heart problems, most often caused by a weak heart. The less your heart has to work to pump blood, the lower your blood pressure will be. Aerobics maintain the heart rate and keep your heart healthy.

Build Muscles & Control Weight

Exercise are the building blocks to weight loss. Weight control with aerobics exercise and remove the fat tissue from body grow your lean muscles with this exercise. One of the most popular anaerobic exercise benefits is that it helps build lean muscles mass and fitness level. It is also helps reduce weight and body fat.

Good Sleep & Remove Negativity

Exercise is always beneficial for remove depression and stress level from our daily life cycle, and helps to improve your mood. Boost your positivity and decrease the laziness, anxiety for better sleep. Aerobic is the most appropriate way to relieve stress. In a study proves aerobics is healthy for good sleep If you have sleep disorder or problems with sleeping so Aerobics will help you for better sleep.

Boost Metabolism

High intensity anaerobic exercise build larger muscles. Increase your metabolism after the high intense workouts and metabolism function at a higher rate of speed for several hours.

Increase bone strength and density

Anaerobic Exercise will increase the strength and density of your bones more than any other type of exercise. Decrease the risk of osteoporosis. Additional muscles mass will protect your joints and lower risk of joint injuries.

Low Blood Sugar

Everything we eat is converted into sugar. In anaerobic exercise fuel required the glucose. If you required more glucose more your body convert food into glucose. Regular Anaerobic exercise helps to regulate insulin production which avoids the blood sugar. Maintain the sugar level in body with anaerobic exercise. Cardiovascular exercise helps to manage symptoms of high blood pressures.

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