9 Benefits Of Mango Leaves

Mango, the most popular and eaten fruit in summer, is very tasty. But do you know that mango leaves are also no less beneficial?

It contains components such as caffeic acid such as phenolic, ployphinols, glycic acid, flavonoids and many temporary compounds. It is used in the treatment of diabetes and asthma since ancient times

Mango leaves have therapeutic uses and other medical properties. Apart from this, a good amount of vitamins C, B and A are also found in it.

When the leaves of mango are fresh, small, and have a red and purple color, only then can they be broken and used. It does not show its effect when it is old and old.

Mango leaves are such a treasure, which you will get for free, so use it well. Mango leaves are present throughout the year, so you do not need to wait for a particular season to cure the disease.

Being an antioxidant and antimicrobial property, it can eliminate almost every disease.

Here are the 9 Health Benefits of Mango Leaves

Mango leaves

1.Mango leaves for Diabetes

You can also control diabetes with the help of delicate and fresh leaves of mango.

Mango leaves contain tannins and anthocyanins that can be effective in treating diabetes in its early stages. It helps to reduce the level of insulin. It also helps to prevent the conversion of glycogen to glucose, to reduce the chance of sugar spikes.

You can also consume dry mango leave powder, it is also helpful in treating diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy. It keeps your health well by controlling blood sugar. The hypoglycemic effect present in it leads to low blood sugar.

It also helps in healing the blood vessels around the pancreas that might be damaged during diabetes.

2. Mango leaves for Asthma

It also controls the respiratory disease to prevent asthma. It is more commonly used in Chinese medicine. Drink a decoction made by boiling mango leaves in water. A little honey can even be mixed in it.

It is very useful for people who are suffering from common cold and bronchitis. It additionally helps in solidification voice loss.

You can consume it by boiling it and ad ing some honey to it.

3. Mango leaves for Blood pressure

You can also control blood sugar with the help of mango leaves. It helps in lowering blood pressure It has hypotensive property due to which it helps lower blood pressure. 

It strengthens blood vessels and prevents blood clots from freezing.

This is due to the tannins present in mango leaves. Extracts from mango leaves reduce blood sugar levels by preventing insulin production and glucose from rising. 

In addition, the hypoglycemic effect present in mango leaves reduces the level of blood sugar. Taking one spoon of mango leaves in the morning daily keeps blood sugar level under control.

The effect will not show instantly to cure high BP, however over time the consumption of mango leaves will bring down blood pressure levels to a normal -stages.

It will strengthen your blood vessels and also cure the problems of varicose veins.

4. Mango leaves for Kidney stone

Protected from gall bladder and kidney stone Drinking a mixture of mango leaf powder daily helps remove kidney stone. Mango leaves should be dried in shade to make powder. The daily and regular intake of mango leaves powder will help you to get rid of kidney stones and gallstones by breaking them or dissolving them.

5. Mango leaves for Dysentery

It also treats bleeding dysentery. Dry the mango leaves, keep it away from the sunlight and make powder and then eat it twice a day with water. This will give comfort.

6. Mango leaves for Ear Pain 

Many of us has faced the ear ache, it is quite painful and frustrating. Mango leaves helps in curing the pain of the ears. You can use mango leaves as a home remedy and put juice of mango leaves in the ears. It will work as a painkiller and will stop the pain. Do not forget to warm it light before using the juice.

7. Mango leaves for Hiccups and throat problems

Hiccups are usually not a major disease, but if you are suffering from heavy hiccups and throat problems. If you have hiccups or have a sore throat then the mango leaf will prove to be a miraculous cure for you.

Burn a little soft mango leaf and then draw its smoke in the breath. It will helps tp cure hiccups and throat issues.

8. Mango leaves for stomach

For the stomach, pour a little mango leaves in hot water, cover the pot and leave it for overnight. Filter the water on the next morning and drink it on an empty stomach. By drinking it regularly, the stomach gets rid of all the dirt and there is no stomach disease.

The leaves are available throughout the year, it can be easily use as a home remedy.

It has many antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which helps to cure the various ailments efficiently.

9. Mango leaves for the treatment of burns

Mango leaves are considered a domestic remedy for burns. Apply ashes of burnt mango leaves on the burnt skin. By this, the wounds will be healed and you will get relief from burning sensation. This treatment gives you instant relief.

Learn how to use Mango leaves

 If you want, you can also chew by breaking small, delicate leaves into the mouth. If you want to make a drink, then break the leaves and put them in light lukewarm water, cover the pot and drink it after filtering the water in the morning. Mango leaves powder is to be made, then wash the delicate leaves and dry them in the shade, and then after drying it can be consumed as a powder.

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