11 ways to boost your Digestive System

Everyone wants to live a healthy life, but it’s not that easy, Specially in today’s life but still, if you want to be healthy throughout your life, then it is very important for you to get your digestive system better let’s know ways to boost your Digestive System.

If your digestive system is not good or not working properly, then it is very difficult for you or any person to be fatty and stay healthy, because it is impossible to digest anything.

We get to see many people with weaker body. It seems like they would not get anything to eat, but it’s not the truth.

Due to their bad eating habits, like eating fast food regularly which do nothing good to your body, but such food, only destroys the body. The reason for this is the poor working of digestion system. Without digesting the food you eat , you will not get the nutrients of the food. Hence you cannot remove your weakness.

If you see a person with a healthy body, attractive personality, charm on his face, then you just understand the fact that his digestion system is better.

Good health is a sign of properly working digestive system. If your digestive system is not working well or your weight is very low After having a proper healthy diet.

Then, Dear, this article is for you.

Today we will discuss what is the digestive system?

Symptoms of poor digestive system?

What are the ways to boost Digestive system?

What is digestive system

Before proceeding, it is very important to know what is the digestive system.

As we all know to live a healthy life, we eating many things , with lots of nutrients which will help you to build your immunity and healthy body. But along with eating healthy foods, it is important to have strong and proper working digestive system

it is the action that when we eat anything, the digestive system does the work to extract the nutrients from the food, and deliver to the whole body.

The work of the digestive system is to transforms our food into energy and gives strength and nutrition to our body, which makes your immunity strong and you stay far away from diseases.

If this digestive system gets impaired, then whatever you will eat, it will not be able to digest it properly. Due to which our body will not be able to get the necessary vitamins and minerals, as a result our body will be the house of diseases. Gradually, your immune system will also stops working.

Why does the digestive System fail

As you all know, we have become the slave of our tongue Usually we eat varieties of food in the course of taste. We never think while eating those foods that at the end it will going to hurt our body. When it shows it side effect at that time only, we regret that we should not eat food earlier or we should have been controlled ourselves.

We do not pay any attention to our health but only focus more on our work which is totally wrong. These problems will make us weaker and we also lose or gain weight drastically.

Here are the reasons for poor digestion

  • Sitting at same place for hours
  • Eating fast food or junk food
  • Improper working routine
  • Not taking enough sleep.
  • Stress related to work or something.
  • Not doing Physical work.
  • Drinking less water.
  • Excess consumption of tobacco products.
  • Poor and Irregular Eating.
  • Drinking Alcohol limitless
  • Stay up late at night

What are the symptoms of Poor digestive systems

When we are unable to pay attention to our health and eat habits, we eat whatever comes in our mind, due to this our digestive system deteriorates.

Here are some of the major symptoms of poor digestive system.

Having Indigestion

Having a complaint of constipation.

Acidity problem

Problems related to stomach.

Heartburn problem

Improper bowel syndrome

Diarrhea issues

Here are the 11 easiest ways to cure digestive system

1.Drink plenty of water

Water is valuable for us. As we all know that our body contain 72% of water. Most of us drink very little water according to our body requirement. This is the cause of many health problems in our body. We should drink about 2 to 3 liters of water a day. If your digestive system is not working properly, then you can also drink more water.

Then only It will fulfill the amount of water require in our body which makes the food easy to digest. So, start drinking water and drink plenty.

2. Keep your daily routine correct

It is very important for humans to have a good daily routine. If your routine is not balanced then you will have to face many small or big problems throughout the day. You can overcome the digestive system with better and disciplined routine.

Always keep your daily routine in a proper format right from the morning to till night. Take your meal at the right time. If your daily routine is good, then your body will also keep going accordingly. It will help you to better you digestive. And you will live a better, healthier and happiest life.

3. Sleep early in the night

As our ancestors many years ago “early to bed and early to rise”, they said that for a reason, a valid reason, as it makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. But we know everything but many of us didn’t follow the same and wake up late at night due to work and many due to their bad routine. Those who not sleep early and wake up late in the morning. Staying up late at night has an adverse effect on the digestive system.

The food will get enough time to digest in our stomach. According to Yog Guru Baba Ramdev, we should have dinner before two hours of sleep.

So, if you stay awake till the late night then your digestive system is sure going to deteriorate. The only way to avoid this is to change the habit of sleeping late at night.

4. Relieve stress

In today’s world which is full of competition or you can say Hyper Competition, Stress has become a big enemy of people. Tension makes a man hollow inside himself like a termite do to wood. Due to which the person is surrounded by many diseases.

Excessive stress causes the digestive system to deteriorate. As in stress it stops the thinking power of humans, they unable to think what is good for them or what is bad. They live like a Zombies. Therefore, you have to remove stress from your life.

Here are the tips to remove stress

4. Say goodbye to fast food

Fast foods or Junk foods like pizza, burger, chips, cold drinks etc. These are like a slow poison which are killing us slowly. But its tastes are the main reason which attracts the human specially the Youth, everyone wants to taste it. Only for the taste, we eat fast foods. It is become an essential part of everyone’s life. They always choose it, above the home mad food. They don’t even know the homemade foods are the best for them not the junk food.

The one who likes this more, becomes the victim of bad digestive system.It takes more time to digest than normal homemade foods or sometime it never digests.

But if you take fast food regularly then it will definitely show you its negative effect later. If you think you have got a bad addiction, and you can’t stop eating it, then you can start reducing its consumptions. Slowly after few days or a month you will realize that you have quite this habit and you are no more addicted to it.

5. Must do physical Activity

Most of the people who are facing digestive system are those people who do not do any kind of physical activity. There are many people whose work, but sitting on desk and working on computer or laptop, believe me it is not physical activity.

You are just ruining your health and future as well. We are liable to get our body healthy, it’s a God’s gift to you and you should take care of it. Other wise you have to face unbearable health issues.

You can add some physical work in your daily work routine. Make a routine wake up early in the morning, you can join Gym or you can walk in the morning or run on foot. Apart from this, one can do sports or cycling.

Doing Physical activity will increase your hunger and you will eat proper food. It also helps you to digest the food also.

Life will be so simple for you, if you do some small sacrifices for your life.

6. Eat daily at the right time

Everything whatever you do according to your plan, it will give you a satisfactory result. Same like that eating at the right time is a sign of good health. The time from breakfast to dinner should be fixed.

Our body adapts itself to our daily routine. If we eat food after or before 1 hour of your daily routine, it will become irregular for everyday.

As a result it will upsets your digestive system. Suppose you take your breakfast at 8am in the morning, then you should follow the routine every day. Do this also for Lunch and dinner too.

7. Say No to alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarettes are not good for your health. Even though we know this very well, but people keep on consuming it. No smart or knowledgeable person in the world will advice you to consume theses poisons. Even the one who manufacture it, they never consume it or addicted to it, because they know the consequences of it.

They spoil our digestive system which invites many diseases in our body.

Apart from digestion, it destroys, lungs, liver, kidney etc. Apart from this, keep distance from tea and coffee too these 3 addictions can ruin your life.

8. Avoid consuming fatty or oily food.

We should not include oily or fat-rich foods in our diet, or we can lower its consumption. Because eating fatty and oily food spoils our digestive system. And eating oily or fat foods causes problems like sour belching and nausea, and eating oily fat reduces the speed of our digestive system, so that food is not digested properly.

9. Eat nutritious and balanced food.

Friends, to keep your digestive system good, you should eat good food and a balanced diet. And never eat stale food, your digestive power starts deteriorating.

Therefore, it is important to have a nutritious diet in your diet. So that any kind of disease does not enter in your body.

Add fiber rich foods like peas, beetroots, beans, lentils etc.

10. Yoga

It is the biggest blessings of our ancestors. Yoga should be done daily in the morning to strengthen your digestive system, your immune system. By doing yoga, our digestive system remains strong, due to which our body also stays good.

It can help you to become disciplined person. It has the power to change visions of anyone, to see the world. A clear vision will give you ample amount of energy to target you goals. There are many Yog asana which will make digestive system so powerful, so that you can digest anything you eat. So do yoga and make your body flexible.

Best Yoga postures To Improve Digestive System

  • Trikonasana (Triangle pose)
  • Ustrasana (Camel pose)
  • Pavanmuktasana (Wind-relieving pose)
  • Naukasana (Boat pose)
  • Paschimottasana (Seated forward bend pose)
  • Savasana (Corpse Pose)

11. Add lemon in your diet.

Friends, if you want to make your digestive system strong. Lemon contains plenty of anti-oxidant elements along with vitamin C, which enables the body to function smoothly with energy, digestive system and liver.  

So drink lemonade every morning. Which will strengthen your digestive system. And lemon also removes our stomach problems. Having lemon in diet helps in removing the toxic elements of the body relief in flatulence, gas etc. It ends gas burning, burning sensation etc. in the stomach.


We hope the article will be helpful for you. If you are suffering from digestive problem, then you should follow this. Keep motivating yourself. Keep yourself fit and fine.

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