Miracle Habits – Inspire to Win

Hello friends, as you know success does not happen overnight, for that many years of hard work and penance is required, a disciplined life has to be followed, some daily routines have to be adopted, then we go closer to our goal and lead a successful life, lets read some Miracle Habits. ” Fitness & … Read more Miracle Habits – Inspire to Win

The struggle of Abdul Kalam

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अब्दुल कलाम का पूरा नाम अबुल पाकिर जैनुल आब्दीन अब्दुल कलाम मसऊदी था । उनका जन्म 15 अक्टूबर 1931 को रामेश्वरम तमिलनाडु में हुआ था, कलाम एक मध्यमवर्गीय घर में जन्मे थे जिनके कई सारे भाई-बहन थे उनके पिता का नाम जैनुलाब्दीन और माता का नाम आशियम्मा था, वे अपने पुश्तैनी घर में रहा करते … Read more The struggle of Abdul Kalam

Gautama Buddha Quotes.

Gautam Buddh was a spiritual teacher, philosopher and mediator. He is the founder of Buddhism. Buddha’s original name was Siddharth Gautam. Here are some inspiring quotes of Buddha which will keep you motivated and calm. “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” – Gautam … Read more Gautama Buddha Quotes.


Major General Ian Cardozo  is a former Indian Army officer. He is a brave warriors of the Gorkha regiment,a  promising and courageous soldier , who never gave up, never being distracted. He was the first war-disabled officer of the Indian Army to command a battalion and a brigade.He is an amputee due to a war injury. EARLY LIFE OF IAN CARDOZO Ian Cardozo … Read more IAN CARDOZO – “CARTOOS SAHIB “

Aerobics Vs Anaerobic

What Is Aerobics ? Aerobics exercise is a physical activity that makes your sweat. An energetic exercise that combines rhythmic exercise with stretching and strength training to improving body fitness.  Common aerobics activities include jogging, swimming, Indoor cycling, rowing, brisk walking, swimming, rope skipping etc. 4 Type of Aerobics Exercise Traditional Floor Aerobics It consists … Read more Aerobics Vs Anaerobic

Military Diet

Today’s article is based on, one of the most common problem in the world which is  obesity or overweight , it is very important for us to cope up with this , lets know something about this and its cure. What is obesity/overweight ??? Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat in … Read more Military Diet


दोस्तों आज का आर्टिकल समर्पित है LAXMI AGGARWAL के लिए जिनके ऊपर ACID ATTACK किया गया और उन्हें और उनके सपनों को कुचलने की एक बहुत ही निंदनीय कोशिश की परंतु उन्होंने खुद को उस अटैक से उभारा और मजबूती से दुनिया का सामना किया तथा एक मिसाल बनी । दोस्तों लक्ष्मी अग्रवाल के बारे … Read more WOMEN EMPOWERMENT- LAXMI AGARWAL